LottoLucker vs. Lotto Kings: Where Should You Play?



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Lotto Kings
This post will compare two of our high ranking lotto ticket broker - LottoLucker and Lotto Kings - against each other. Read on to see how these two gaming sites square off. Find out which lotto ticket broker you should sign up for, and why you should choose to make a deposit there.
LottoLucker Screen Shot
Lotto Kings
Lotto Kings Screen Shot
Lotto Software
LottoLucker has Single Tickets, Subscriptions, Syndicates, Group Lotto game types. It offers a "mobile" version. Lotto Kings has Lotteries, Syndicates, Millionaire Raffles game types. It offers no "mobile" version. Our Preference: Even

Lotto Lotteries
LottoLucker offers 12 lotteries to play, including Austrian Lotto (Austria), El Gordo (Spain) and EuroMillions (Europe). Lotto Kings has 21 lotteries to play, including Austrian Lotto (Austria), El Gordo (Spain), EuroJackpot (Europe) and EuroMillions UK (Europe). Our Preference: Lotto Kings

Lotto Support
Banking methods for LottoLucker include Mastercard, Neteller, QIWI and Skrill (Moneybookers). For customer support, a phone number is available, and a contact email is provided. Banking methods for Lotto Kings include 711, American Express and Check. For customer support, a contact email is provided. Our Preference: Lotto Kings

Welcome Offer
LottoLucker are offering a % match bonus up to $ on your first deposit. They also offer a 10% bonus VIP rewards for new customers. Lotto Kings are offering a 100% match bonus up to $100 on your first deposit. Our Preference: LottoLucker

To learn more about Lotto Kings, click one of the following links:
Lotto Kings [read review]

Our Preference Overall
Our pick is Lotto Kings! As determined by our tests, we found it to be the more advantagous lotto ticket broker! You can choose for yourself, so check out LottoLucker [read review] or Lotto Kings [read review] and get started now.

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