Australian Lottery Reviews - Powerball vs. Oz Lotto

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Read about Australia's 2 biggest lotteries, Powerball and Oz Lotto, and see how they compare.
Known as one of the most generous lotteries in Australia: POWERBALL AUSTRALIA! It runs all Thursdays at 6:28 PM, Australian time. Players can become winner of glorious jackpots! The most attractive ones start at AU$ 3 millions, rolling over each week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to 58 millions! The winner should hit 5 numbers from 1 to 45 plus one Powerball extra number!

There are seven prize divisions, by just matching two numbers and the Powerball extra number the player can obtain a prize! One ticket in 120 is a winning ticket, but she also has double chances of winning with each ticket.

Oz Lotto

Aussies can win millions by buying lottery tickets from one of the leading Australian lotteries. Don't wait any longer! Play and win at OZ Lotto! Every Tuesday night fascinating jackpots can be won! The most appealing ones start at AU$ 1 million, rolling over every week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to AU$ 30 millions!

To win the jackpot the player must hit 7 numbers from 1 to 45! Also, 2 additional numbers are raffled and there are 7 divisions of prizes to win. If the player just hits 3 numbers and one additional number they can get a prize! It's one of the most exciting and attractive lotteries in Australia!

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